Next Level Solutions (NLS) originated with the primary function of supporting Duck Creek solutions – working to implement technology platforms for P&C carriers. As business expanded, NLS continued to fill the seismic implementation gap in the industry, especially for carriers looking for a consistent and reliable way to enhance and maintain the services they provided to their own customers.

With carriers still pressured to adopt agile and iterative technology systems, NLS can adeptly eliminate the IT constraints by incorporating their experience, expertise and familiarity with all aspects of system implementation, including proficiency in all facets of Quality Assurance.

Digital transformation, data and customer experience (CX) continue to remain the primary focus for the insurance sector, especially for their most recent customer. Supported by the financial strength of a major tier 1 insurance group, their Specialty Carrier client understands that their pathway to success is focusing on their specialty (small to medium business insurance) and trusting NLS to focus on leveraging and deploying technology to optimize operations and customer satisfaction.

In an industry where quality often gets overlooked or underutilized, Next Level Solutions was now pushing to make it a priority. Implementing QaaS for their Specialty Carrier client built a bed of trust and helped NLS to double its efforts on the project. There was positive growth alongside the client, driven by the client. This change gave NLS the opportunity to have a heavy hand in all the Specialty Carrier’s testing processes, providing the transparency to build something stronger. This foundation of trust gave NLS the entire purview of the project. The QaaS team at NLS could now have a larger look into how the customer experience with the platform would affect the project’s success.

In the P&C world, automation is extremely important, but that aspect proved to be bolstered with the addition of QaaS – the NLS team had a 360-degree view, making it easier to satisfy client requirements and deliver more than ever before.

Numbers are hard to ignore, as NLS had improved regression by nearly 900% for one of their specialty line carriers. The pool of Quality Analysts was fortified to meet demand and Quality as a Service (QaaS) started to move to the forefront. Leadership at NLS found that clients weren’t considering the value of QaaS, but they also knew that its impact could be paramount. When NLS approached their Specialty Carrier client with an offering that could provide stability and assurance, they were willing to jump on board.

With this Specialty Carrier taking advantage of the QaaS line, the NLS team wrote and created a thorough offering, making QaaS a strong addition to solutions beyond Duck Creek and implementations.

NLS devised processes with boundaries, prioritized team communication and emphasized balance and understanding.

Established process flows were implemented so that cleaner code could be dropped into production environments. The QaaS professionals at NLS are technology focused and teams are built from the bottom up - understanding the overall strategy, then going through sprints. While many team members have prior insurance acumen, if they arrive without it, they go through mandatory AINS training upon hire. Through collaboration and a push for constant communication, the QaaS team decreases time for testing cycles without compromising efficiency or quality. Process governance ensures that all parts and people on a project are talking to each other consistently, resulting in nearly seamless production. Presently, QaaS is not just a reactive service put in place to fill a need. There's an organized plan and proof that NLS can deliver an impact with QaaS that carriers will need to succeed on a higher level.

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