We're more than just an implementation provider;
we're your trusted partner in innovation.

Focused solely on the unique needs of the Property and Casualty insurance sector, our expertise goes beyond the ordinary. We're committed to delivering tailor-made solutions that simplify complexity, foster strong relationships, and set new benchmarks in quality. With us, you don't just get a service; you get a partnership built on integrity and unparalleled industry knowledge.

Our Mission

At Next Level Solutions we do good work; for our clients, our employees, and our communities.


Through our relationship-first mentality and transparent approach to business, we are dedicated to delivering unparalleled insurtech services, ensuring that our solutions meet and exceed the unique needs of the P&C insurance market.


We believe in fostering a nurturing environment where mentorship and collaborative learning thrive. Our success is built on collective efforts, and we're dedicated to balancing professional growth and personal well-being.


Our influence isn't confined to our company's walls. We recognize the power we hold to positively impact the communities around us. Driven by a desire to effect meaningful change, we continuously strive to extend the goodness of our work beyond mere business.

Core Values that Define Us


Valuing every individual.


Building trust & fairness.


Pursuing excellence always.


Beyond the expected.


Chris brings a rare blend of industry acumen and technical mastery to NLS. Starting at Liberty Mutual and later transitioning to a core solution provider, he gained a 360-degree view of the challenges in the P&C insurance tech landscape. Today, he's shaped NLS into more than a consultancy — it's a trusted ally for carriers. Under his guidance, the company thrives on a culture of collaboration, integrity, and trust — making it an indispensable partner in digital transformation.

Michael is a powerhouse of technical and operational expertise, serving as the momentum behind our continued success. With over 20 years in operations, ranging from system architecture to design and integration, he's particularly adept at implementing Duck Creek products. His dual passion for people and technology has propelled NLS' innovation and solidified its reputation as a go-to partner for cutting-edge solutions.

Ellen masterfully blends financial acumen with strategic insight, epitomizing leadership as both a skill and an ethos. With a varied background spanning enterprise software to global insurance financial operations, she's invaluable in shaping capital allocation strategies and broader corporate decisions. Her multifaceted expertise ensures that NLS meets and exceeds its financial and operational goals.


With a strategic on/near-shore presence, we harness localized expertise to overcome today's challenges — driving efficiency, accuracy, and profitability. Our commitment doesn't end at strategy; it continues through ongoing support, exemplifying our dedication to forming lasting client partnerships.

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