Next Level Solutions, a high-end technology company serving the Property and Casualty insurance market, has announced that they will now be offering Quality Assurance as a Service to both current and potential clients. Previously known in the industry exclusively as a leading provider of best-in-class Duck Creek solutions, adding QaaS was the logical next step for the rapidly growing company. "Our clients know that the work we do is exceptional, and when they started inquiring about other offerings, QaaS was something we knew we could deliver," said Cheri Fisher, Associate Vice President of Quality Assurance at NLS. "The teams we have were assembled and trained for this, and I cannot wait to see them in action. We have experts on hand in Springfield, Puerto Rico, Honduras, Columbia, SC and in remote locations across the world prepared to do this."

In recent years, QaaS has become more necessary to the successful maintenance of standards in product and application environments. Next Level Solutions will be offering an impressive suite of QaaS services, including audits, testing, design, execution, writing, training, and on-demand QA leadership. NLS provides tools and framework for automation strategies to meet both short-term goals and long-term planning for clients in any phase of implementation. "We're always looking to push our business to do more, because we know we have top-notch talent," said Chris Sawyer, President and CEO of Next Level Solutions. "This new, definitive offering came from conversations with our clients and putting the right people on projects. Now that QaaS is becoming an industry necessity, we answered the call and we're making huge differences for companies in the P&C space. We're ready to make an even bigger impact."

After seeing tremendous growth over the past four years, Next Level Solutions plans to continue hiring more resources for QaaS and for their core Duck Creek needs. As momentum surges, NLS has met the demand and put plans in place to expand intelligently. Additional offerings come on the heels of this QaaS announcement, and 2023 should be another hallmark year for the organization.

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