In a time of mass layoffs in the tech industry, Next Level Solutions has instead continued a steady pace of growth into 2023 – performing annual reviews, awarding bonuses and hitting expected milestones in terms of company goals. This year, NLS was able to promote 58 employees into the next tier of job trajectories, an initiative that fosters retention and motivates people to collaborate and succeed.

“We have defined career paths for almost every member of our organization,” said Michael Smith, COO of Next Level Solutions. “We want our people to know that they are valued and that we want them to stay at NLS and grow with us. Our review and promotion process gives everyone clear direction of their job journey.” The promotions spanned across all departments of NLS, from web development and quality analysis to human resources and accounting. This recognition and opportunity for advancement has attracted job seekers to apply at the insurtech company, wanting to join a company with security and a host of attractive benefits.

“When I first joined Next Level Solutions, we were a small but mighty crew,” said Jason Dean, who recently attained the title of Senior Developer. “Our leadership has done a fantastic job of continually improving our processes so that our employees can move up in their roles and really shine. It’s a great place to be.” Plans for the remainder of 2023 include a move and expansion of the Puerto Rico office to accommodate a growing employee base and the addition of up to 80 more employees. It’s not hard to see why Next Level Solutions has a retention rate of nearly 97%, especially at a time when other industry powerhouses are letting go of great talent.

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