Quality Assurance

Apr 23, 2019

Quality Assurance

One of the most pivotal aspects of a software development company is a strong emphasis on Quality Assurance. In order to achieve peak results, QA should be consistent throughout the software development life cycle, routinely evaluating desired quality measures. The Next Level Solutions QA team views quality assurance as the most important component in the software development life cycle because it ensures the final product built maintains the required specifications and standards.

Next Level Solutions finds the elite and trains the best. Cheri Fisher, our Director of Quality Assurance, is a 15-year insurance veteran with 11 years as a QA expert. She brings an extensive variety of insurance business expertise to the group. Having led both small and large teams, she is able to tailor her resource and management skills to any size project. With years of requirements analysis, leading test teams, and testing on projects herself, she is equipped to guide her teams through a test package model rather than the traditional staffing model.

Our QA team is trained to understand all implementation stages within a project, so they can work closely with both business and technical resources to solve QA issues.

“We build teams of quality analysts who see both the details AND the big picture. This is an extremely important quality of a successful tester. We don’t just train them to enter data… we train them to identify the project goals and build a test suite which encompasses more than the basic testing standards.” – Cheri Fisher

The goal of QA is to push the system further than the normal day-to-day workflow. We don’t just assess the happy paths. We design one-off scenarios that you may only encounter every 1/100 policies. This ensures that the system has full comprehensive testing within the given timeline.

“We are able to understand the full scope of a project prior to implementation rather than coming in at the end of development and trying to play catch up. This cuts back on the risk of losing quality,” says Cheri Fisher.

One of the standout components of Next Level Solutions is the development of our nearshore resources in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is within the East Coast Time Zone, which creates seamless collaboration within our company and allows our near-shore team to be involved in the process from the beginning. This yields greater success by the end of the project. Organizations that value the transparency and efficiency of Duck Creek Software find that working with a near-shore team enables them to get the most value from their budgets by decreasing overall service fees and increasing cost efficiency.

“Our near-shore reach allows seamless training and project collaborations without the typical off-shore obstacles.” – Cheri Fisher

The Next Level testing package provides flexibility around our client’s needs and enables us to adapt to what service plan our client is using. Each member of the NLS team is dedicated to delivering a dynamic and quality end result. Our QA team serves as a passport to success by ensuring customer satisfaction for our clients.

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“NLS is the most flexible employer I've ever had. I never feel pressured to miss everyday activities with my family. NLS trusts in their employees to get the work done, everyone has different challenges outside of work and we are all able to fit our work life in and still have balance. Additionally, NLS continually looks at strategies to increase morale, become more attractive to recruits and give back to the employees.”