Puerto Rico – Near-Shore Development Team

Apr 16, 2019

Puerto Rico – Near-Shore Development Team

Next Level Solutions is proud to offer our clients off-shore rates with near-shore convenience, enabling companies to outsource business and software development processes to resources in Puerto Rico rather than a country halfway around the globe. Puerto Rico is home to several notable technical institutions, giving us access to a large pool of multilingual talent while maintaining close contact with the U.S. market. Opting for Near-Shore development is a win-win situation. It’s a middle ground between on and off-shore development.

Next Level Solutions has built its business on a solid foundation that reflects the goals and values of our company culture. Our shared belief in maintaining complete openness and transparency with our customers drives our day-to-day operations and is the cornerstone of our consistent communication throughout the evaluation and implementation process.Organizations that value transparency and efficiency of Duck Creek Software find that working with a near-shore team enables them to get the most value from their budgets through increased cost efficiencies resulting from reduced overhead and lower overall service fees.  

Puerto Rico being a US territory allows our resources to travel to the USA without a passport or visa. This not only takes communication to the Next Level, it fosters convenient onsite visits, when and if needed. In addition to this, Puerto Rico is within the East Coast Time Zone, which creates seamless collaboration within our company.

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“It’s a great place that I feel comfortable coming to everyday. I'm able to work my hardest for the company while also being able to handle other matters outside of work, like college and family. Everyone at the organization is friendly and really helpful whenever I ask anything. This organization is a great place that helps me learn while I work for the benefit of the company. I'm very grateful to be working here.”