NLS Provides Support Opportunities for Students

Aug 12, 2019

NLS Provides Support Opportunities for Students

Next Level Solutions is proud to announce the recent hire of three local interns at our headquarters in Springfield. We believe in preparing for the future of our implementations, and what better way to do so than finding young talent with the drive and determination to succeed.

Fred Lee

Fred Lee received his Bachelor’s of Applied Science Degree in Computer Science at Missouri State University and is currently in the 4th semester of his Computer Science graduate program. He has been making major strides since taking on his role at NLS. Fred came in and took on 2 large rating change requests that spanned two of the client’s products that involved moving components of the rating algorithm from the line of business level down to the risk level. He has also worked to update the Rating Worksheet to reflect the changes at both levels of the data.  Fred was able to take an initial design document for the first change request and work with minimal oversight to complete the development.  He also came in ahead of the estimated hours for both change requests.  Fred accomplished all of this in his first six months with NLS.

We’re excited to see Fred take his great work and push it to the Next Level. For him, he doesn’t see that as a problem, “I’d like to continue feeling successful in my career and growing my technical skillset. NLS has given me the opportunity to learn directly from tech leads. It’s much easier to learn quality skills when you can watch a veteran perform it. There’s so much I still have to learn from everyone across all of the teams.”

Triston Bendotti

Our next intern hire was Triston Bendotti. Triston graduated from Halfway High School, which is located between Bolivar and Buffalo Missouri. Cheri Fisher, our Director of Quality Assurance, is married to a HHS teacher, who happened to introduce this opportunity to Triston. After finding NLS was a great fit for the opportunities he was seeking, he joined the team at HQ. Like many of our employees, he makes a half hour commute to headquarters every day, as he’s currently a second semester Sophomore at Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, Missouri. He’s been studying CIS and is on track to receive his Bachelor’s degree in Sports Business.  Since joining NLS he has been an excellent resource for Cheri Fisher’s Quality Assurance team.

“I understand that being a part of the NLS team is a huge opportunity and it would have been crazy for me not to have tried to get a foot in the door,” says Triston. “Since I’ve joined, I’ve noticed that I’m a lot more observant of my work and the work of those around me. A stress-free workspace has provided me the opportunity to better navigate through test packages and produce higher quality work. The culture here is different than anything I could have expected.  Not only does everyone have a good time every day and radiate positive energy, but we all get solid work done too.”

Triston has jumped into the deep end (with floaties on) to help the team meet some key deadlines with one of our key projects. According to Cheri Fisher, Triston's ability to absorb the QA training in his first couple weeks has made him a great asset in widening our test coverage as well as finding code bugs more quickly.  He has easily adapted to navigating the Duck Creek template products as well as other tools the client uses day-to-day for projects.

Parker Hamilton

Last but not least, we introduce Parker Hamilton - not your typical 16-year-old. While he has 2 more credits to complete before he’ll receive his high school diploma, he’s already attending classes at Ozarks Technical Community College in Springfield. He will have his Associate’s degree by the time he turns 18.

Prior to joining NLS, Parker worked at Rib Crib. When given the opportunity to come and participate in Test Drive for Next Level Solutions, Parker didn’t hesitate.  He says he really enjoyed working through the training material, and was quickly invited back for NLS Academy, which he enjoyed even more. Bringing Parker on board was an easy decision because of his ambitious characteristics, and his overwhelming drive to grow and be successful.

Parker is quick to help, funny and observant, and we look forward to helping him achieve great things in his technology career.

The continuous growth and success from all three of these student interns has been astonishing to witness in their short time at NLS. We couldn't be more excited to have them onboard and we look forward to seeing what the future holds as we continue to grow our team and DO.GOOD.WORK.

Quote 2

“This is place is an awesome environment from the people to the office. Workload is manageable and everywhere you turn you have a support system you can rely on. I have never been a part of an organization who takes the time out to learn their staff and invest into their staff like this one. The atmosphere is so positive that it makes you want to "DO GOOD WORK" for yourself and personal growth, for your teammates to help support reach their goals, and for the company to continue being successful. 10/10 would recommend this job.”