Next Level Solutions' LITE offering delivers heavy success for newest client

Mar 17, 2022

Next Level Solutions' LITE offering delivers heavy success for newest client

SPRINGFIELD, Mo., March 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Headquartered in Pennsylvania, Mutual Benefit Group (MBG) has been a longtime Duck Creek Technologies customer. Recently, MBG found a gap on their internal team – and they rushed to find a senior development solution to fill that void – and Duck Creek experience was a must. "We created our specialized offering for instances just like this," said Valerie Rogers, head of Next Level Solutions' LITE division. "Not every client needs the full suite of support we offer. We talked with MBG and mapped out a plan to deliver the smaller scope of work they needed, backed by our powerhouse team of Duck Creek experts."

As this business relationship blossoms, other opportunities have presented themselves, as NLS and MBG forge ahead. Currently, Next Level Solutions has a honed focus for MBG on senior development support, quality analysis and the removal of lingering technical debt.

"We appreciate the way NLS has quickly engaged to support our needs. Their team has provided suggestions on product improvements alongside their core deliverables," says Carol Aulick, Software Development & Engineering Manager at MBG. "We appreciate the collaborative approach and cultural fit between MBG and NLS. Even with some initial technology challenges to get NLS staff into the MBG network, we're seeing positive results in very short order."

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About Mutual Benefit Group

MBG has been providing home, auto, and commercial insurance since 1908; the carrier works diligently each day to help build and protect its policyholders' economic well-being and provide for their security. MBG is known for its strong relationships with policyholders and agents; for its responsive, friendly, knowledgeable staff; and for claims service that consistently garners a high level of satisfaction, notably 97% based on 2021 policyholder surveys. Learn more at

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“This is place is an awesome environment from the people to the office. Workload is manageable and everywhere you turn you have a support system you can rely on. I have never been a part of an organization who takes the time out to learn their staff and invest into their staff like this one. The atmosphere is so positive that it makes you want to "DO GOOD WORK" for yourself and personal growth, for your teammates to help support reach their goals, and for the company to continue being successful. 10/10 would recommend this job.”