Are you struggling to get the technical leadership and business guidance you deserve in your implementations?

Jul 26, 2019

Are you struggling to get the technical leadership and business guidance you deserve in your implementations?

Next Level Solutions hires the elite and trains the best. This is why we’re able to provide exceptional results for our clients. When you’re searching for an SI, you need to consider your needs and what gaps need to be filled within your implementation. Pain points are common but with the help of an elite team of veteran implementers, you can alleviate the process and be confident in your product’s usability. NLS is composed of an unparalleled team of seasoned insurance software veterans that have what it takes to deliver quality guidance every step of the way.

Technical and Business

NLS offers a wide range of technical and business solutions, many of which are similar to other SI’s.  Our solutions are 100% focused on the success of implementing Duck Creek.

Examples of our solutions include:

  • Business Transformation:  We work directly with your business strategy teams to lay out a process that moves your business to the new platform.  We look at overall business goals outlined by the client, fundamental needs expressed by the end users, and most importantly, the overall cost and timeline of such a transition.
  • Architecture, Architecture, Architecture:  Yes, this is repetitive – but it’s so important.  NLS believes that having a firm understanding of Duck Creek is key to getting the most out of your platform.  Our team consists of resources who have that knowledge.  Resources who have been involved in development standards and best practices for over a decade.  We know the best way to utilize the Duck Creek platform in order to meet your needs and goals, without creating technical debt and jeopardizing expansion and upgradability.
  • IP and Utilities:  If you could automate it, why wouldn’t you?  The team’s experience at NLS is not only deep, but wide.  We’ve pretty much seen it all.  We’ve developed key components that allow us to more efficiently and effectively implement your products.  It also means that while we are implementing your specific business needs, we will be looking at ways to help you manage your products going forward.  We actually want you to be self sufficient, learn about your product configuration, and be able to manage change going forward.
  • Upgrades:  Upgrades are important, and NLS fully understands that importance.  Our experience in working with skins, SQL, and CBO’s (the main contributors to upgrade complexity) allows us to perform end to end platform upgrades at minimal cost and time to our clients.
  • CL Template Updates:  At NLS, we understand the need for businesses to stay current with their product definition.  We have focused on being able to streamline the process for ISO circulars and template updates.  It is important for our clients to get enhancements and updates to Production as quickly as possible, but without breaking the bank in the process.  NLS understands this business need and leverages it’s leadership, IP, and collaborative working environment to build teams that can perform above client expectations.
  • Implementations:  Like any other SI, NLS is fully capable of tackling your new product implementations.  Unlike any other SI, NLS is going to bring first class knowledge and skillsets to your project, and leave them there until it makes sense to transition (examples would be Technical Architects transitioning for UAT).  In addition, we are going to front load your implementation to ensure business process, architecture, and design considerations are all being accounted for across ALL of your products prior to starting the build.
  • Rescue Missions:  Many clients find themselves in situations where they need assistance in one or two niche areas of the Duck Creek platform.  NLS has the capacity to quickly spin up a SWAT team of high-powered resources to come in and make a drastic impact very quickly to help clients overcome their obstacles.

Training  (NLS Academy)

In far too many cases, Duck Creek training is an afterthought.  At best it’s a general one-week basic intro session.  At NLS we provide world-class customized training curriculum for your resources. We tailor to YOUR products and procedures, while adhering to best practices that have been gleaned from decades of hands-on Duck Creek experience.  

At NLS Academy, your resources will learn how to do real work.  Rate and Form updates, Rule Changes, Business Enhancements on YOUR products. We equip with knowledge in Policy, Billing, Claims, Debugging Techniques and more to make your resources project-ready quickly!

No more learning on outdated, oversimplified ManuScripts.  You can hit the ground running with increased confidence, knowing you’ve been trained by the best in the world.  

We are also excited to offer full access to NLS’s collection of Advanced topics in multiple mediums.  We also offer training on topics that YOU request.  Follow that up with having online chat access to our trainers after NLS Academy 101 is over so you won’t be left in the dark.

Our collaborative learning culture is championed by a group of well-established trainers, including Jon Richards, who has been training and equipping Duck Creek resources all over the globe since 2005.

Quality Assurance

The Next Level Solutions QA team views quality assurance as the most important component in the software development life cycle because it ensures the final product built maintains the required specifications and standards. The goal of QA is to push the system further than the normal day-to-day workflow. We don’t just assess the happy paths. We design one-off scenarios that you may only encounter every 1/100 policies. This ensures that the system has full comprehensive testing within the given timeline.  Our services include comprehensive testing, testing and tracking defects based on the client’s preferred tools, regression test beds, automation regression testing and detailed reporting. The Next Level testing package provides flexibility around our client’s needs and enables us to adapt to what service plan our client is using. Each member of the NLS team is dedicated to delivering a dynamic and quality end result. Our QA team serves as a passport to success by ensuring customer satisfaction.

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“Employee well-being is a central focus of leadership. They offer a very generous, employee-centered benefits package. They have implemented programs that encourage peer-to-peer recognition, which also enhances employee engagement and commitment to organizational and personal success.”