We’re All About ‘What’s Next?’
   At Next Level Solutions (NLS), we’re always looking forward to exploring new opportunities, supporting our existing customers, and welcoming new ones. We are also committed to embracing innovation and adding outstanding talent to help make it happen.
   Because ‘Next’ Year is here, you can be assured that we are well-prepared to make 2021 our best year yet. Although we recognize that after 2020’s incredible success the bar has been set high, we are confident that we are well-positioned to achieve more great things in the year ahead.
   Before we look ahead, we again want to celebrate some of the accomplishments of 2020 including:

· Expanding our footprint outside of the United States and its territories with a new presence in Honduras as part    of the acquisition of The Americas Group Technologies;

·         Celebrated our two-year anniversary as an organization and highlighted the remarkable growth that has occurred in    a short period of time;

·         Opening a new office in Columbia, South Carolina to better serve a growing customer base in that region and to    attract high-quality talent that is also located in the area;

·         Surpassing multiple staffing milestones with the addition of 80+ new professionals joining our staff, bringing our    total employee count to 173 at year-end;

·         Launched our inaugural Next Level Solutions podcast; 

·         Enhancing our staff training with robust offerings as part of the launch of Next Level Academy.


But, we’re just getting started! What’s ‘Next’? Here are some of our exciting plans for 2021:

·         Continue strong growth by increasing staff to bring additional knowledge and experience to our team. We anticipate surpassing 200 employees shortly, the first of several staffing milestones we expect to surpass in 2021;

·         Increase our service offerings with the introduction of Post Production Support;

·         Recognizing the fact that we have already outgrown our Columbia, South Carolina, office, we are moving to a larger    space that will facilitate and accommodate future growth;

·         Strengthening our corporate structure to enable new growth opportunities for current and new staff with a revised    organizational chart and the creation of a new AVP level in many areas; 

Enhancing our communication channels with regular podcast segments; website redesign and enhanced information and resources, and expanding our presence on social media.

For Next Level Solutions, ‘Next’ year is off to a strong beginning and we’re just getting started.

Here’s to supporting existing partnerships and creating new opportunities in 2021!

We will continue to focus on our mission to Do.Good.Work. and, together, look forward to great things.

Best Wishes,
   Chris Sawyer
   CEO and Co-Founder
   Michael Smith 
   COO and Co-Founder

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