I remember being younger, and hearing words like “mortgage” and “life insurance” and imagining that those responsibilities were so far away and so foreign that they would almost never apply to me. Of course, getting older and adulting will push those things into purview quite quickly. Becoming a young driver will force the conversation about auto insurance, graduating high school means considering student loans and interest rates. And advancing in a career gives us the opportunity to push for better benefits at new jobs – and everything those benefits might entail. I am now more versed in medical insurance and life insurance, and I am better at recognizing when a company offers the bare minimum and when they add more thought into what they provide for their employees.  

Life changes and career moves have a way of shifting perspectives. In my former role, I was the Marketing Director at a gun store, which enabled me to learn more about the Second Amendment and hunting than I ever thought possible. Now that I work in the booming insurtech landscape, I’m learning more about insurance and the plethora of options and possibilities – which can be a bit overwhelming. For example, I’m currently enrolled in our AINS (Associates in Insurance) 101 program, and our teacher there often talks about the importance of adding coverage if finances allow, because life is tricky and unexpected, and it’s best to be prepared, especially as risks grow along with innovation. Now that my husband has started his own business, we’ve learned that this venture calls for additional coverage to comply with state laws in order to keep us protected.  

My biggest upcoming life change is expecting our first little baby in August. There are so many things to consider. Should I add additional life insurance? What does insurance look like for a newborn? When do I need to have it all secured? Before he is born? Right after? There isn’t an easy-to-read checklist for becoming a mom (I’ve already learned more than I even knew existed.) And the time has come to do my research. Being surrounded by experts in the insurance field definitely helps. I have an army of people I can consult regarding insurance and all the ins and outs of coverage. So far, all I know is that my baby will be insured upon delivery, but only for a finite amount of time. After that, I’ll need to get him on my plan at work. The complexities can be daunting, especially for those who have no resources to educate, inform or support them.  

The thing is, I WORK in this industry, and I still find all of it extremely confusing, almost as if it is meant to trick the consumer. Part of what we do at Next Level Solutions is consistently strive to simplify things, delivering seamless integrations that benefit carriers, agents and customers. Our focus on insurtech,  functionality and enabling the agility necessary for insurers to stay up to date on the changing laws for different states in the US. I can appreciate this – because when it comes time to ensure my bundle of joy is ready to enter the world insured and safe, I want to be able to find what I need online, without challenges and with minimal frustration. I could go on for days like an old curmudgeon about the lack of customer service in the world. But at NLS, we provide services to support both the front and backend of insurance. The result is designed to limit the stress, enable faster enrollment, and provide some insight into the policies a carrier provides.  As a consumer, I appreciate the importance of keeping myself and my family safe, secure, and insured, – but understanding the levels of that protection is also something that matters.  

Being pregnant makes me realize the real circle of life aspect to all of this. Insurance isn’t going anywhere, and as the human race continually replenishes itself with new offspring, we will continually need to insure our loved ones. Those new babies will turn into impatient teenagers, ready to jump into a car as soon as they turn 16 years old. It’ll be our job as consumers to become as educated as possible, so we can be ready for the unexpected. That means reading, talking to our agents and consulting with family and friends. And we can only hope that the insurtech industry continues to improve the technology working behind the scenes that will govern our experiences and make it easier for all of us to protect the people and the things we value most.

Written by Senior Marketing Specialist, Victoria Treptow. Victoria creates and manages marketing efforts that take companies to the next level. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and their three cats. Her and her spouse kayak, hike, go to CrossFit (when properly motivated,) golf, and sometimes play Bingo on the weekends. Victoria loves to listen to audiobooks, make crafts, do yoga, write, watch Wheel of Fortune and try out new recipes.

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