As a premier provider of digital transformation and IT services, Next Level Solutions is uniquely positioned to lead insurers to a future where technology and innovation redefine industry standards. Our deep expertise in integrating and delivering new capabilities sets us apart, ensuring that we consistently exceed expectations in a rapidly evolving sector. 

In the realm of insurtech, staying ahead means adopting the latest technologies and embedding them into the very fabric of our company’s culture - especially when there are huge benefits for our clients. At Next Level Solutions, we're not simply following the trend of artificial intelligence; we're embracing it. Our commitment to innovation is about leveraging AI for our products and services and integrating it into the way we work. 

The AI Task Force at NLS: Champions of Safe Integration 

The formation of an AI Task Force at NLS marks a new initiative that positions us early adopters of the AI revolution. This dedicated team of forward-thinkers and technology enthusiasts is committed to driving the integration of AI within our organization. We wanted to ensure that artificial intelligence would be used morally, safely and deliberately by all employees, and only when clients approve its use on projects. The Task Force will drive this initiative, and a slow rollout of the AI integration has already begun. To become a member of the Task Force at NLS, interested employees had to apply for a spot and were vetted prior to joining.

This group is at the heart of our strategy to ensure that AI is not just a tool we use but a core component of how we operate, innovate, and deliver value to our clients. 

Brandon Angelakos, leader of the AI Task Force, emphasizes the importance of this initiative: "Embracing AI in our organization is essential. We're committed to learning to use it effectively and getting our team fully on board. This enables us to enhance our internal operations and bring sophisticated, AI-driven solutions to our clients. Our focus is on making AI a fundamental aspect of our operations and culture, driving both innovation and efficiency." 


Industry Insights 

The insurance industry, particularly property and casualty, stands on the cusp of a transformative era. The sector is primed for significant changes driven by technological advancements, most notably generative AI. A recent report, "ChatGPT and Generative AI in Insurance," forecasts a major shift in the industry, particularly in personal lines of insurance which tend to involve simpler risks and products. Over the next three years, generative AI is expected to revolutionize core operations. 

  • Broad Impact of Generative AI: Generative AI is set to deliver unprecedented value across the entire insurance lifecycle. 
  • Customized AI Solutions in Insurtech: AI technology enables the creation of highly personalized solutions for clients, tailoring insurance offerings to individual needs and preferences, thus enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. 
  • Benefits and ROI: The focus on claims operations is driven by the potential for quicker return on investment, crucial for justifying the expense of new technologies. Benefits include enhanced efficiency, increased precision in claims handling, and an elevated customer experience. 

Integrating AI into NLS Culture and Logistics 

Incorporating AI is a multifaceted endeavor that touches on every aspect of our operations. We foster an environment where curiosity, innovation, and a willingness to experiment are not just encouraged, but celebrated. By automating routine tasks and optimizing our workflows with AI, we not only increase efficiency but also free up our team to focus on more strategic and creative tasks.

This operational shift allows us to deliver new and advanced services to our clients when appropriate, enhancing our partnerships with personalized, efficient, and secure services. 

Looking Ahead: The Future of AI at Next Level Solutions 

As we forge ahead, the role of AI in our operations and culture will only grow. Our AI Task Force is just the beginning. We envision a future where AI-driven insights inform many decisions we make, from strategic planning to day-to-day operations. Our commitment to integrating AI is about maintaining a competitive edge and setting a new standard in the industry. 

At Next Level Solutions, we're not just preparing for the future of AI; we're actively shaping it. Join us on this exciting journey as we redefine what's possible in a rapidly-evolving tech space. 

Matt is a seasoned technologist and sales engineer with a proven track record in the insurtech industry. With extensive experience in property & casualty insurance, Matt has dedicated his career to helping carriers overcome legacy challenges through modernization and strategic technical decision-making. At Next Level Solutions, Matt is a driving force behind strategic operations, leveraging his expertise to guide the company and its clients through the complexities of digital transformation.

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