The insurance industry is at a pivotal point where technology-led initiatives aren’t just beneficial, but necessary for staying competitive. As a leader in the field, we understand the critical importance of enhancing claims efficiency, improving risk analysis, and other tech-driven objectives. However, a common hurdle that many industry companies face is the limitation of tech talent. It's not just about filling seats; it's about leveraging talent that understands the desired business outcomes, has a successful methodology, and can scale with your business. 

The Tech Talent Challenge 
In the current market, finding the right tech talent is more than a simple recruitment issue. The rapid evolution of technology, combined with a shortage of professionals with specific skills, creates a significant gap in the industry's ability to implement and manage advanced solutions effectively. Traditional hiring methods often lead to a mismatch between a company's needs and the skills of its employees, limiting the potential impact of technology-led initiatives and the need for long-term retention. Beyond that, a carrier trying to fill a role needs to go through the laborious process of job posting, interviewing, hiring, training, and hoping they’ve made the right decision. When that same carrier hires a strategic tech partner instead, those headaches disappear, and the project’s speed-to-market is suddenly much faster.  


Our Approach: Outcome-Focused Talent Engagement 
At Next Level Solutions, we believe the solution lies in a strategic approach to talent engagement. This involves: 

  • Aligning Talent with Strategic Goals and Company Culture: We look beyond technical skills to find professionals who are aligned with the strategic goals of your initiatives. This alignment ensures that every team member is contributing towards a shared vision. We also strive to bring on resources that jive with our company culture and our vision, increasing the chance that those people will stay for the long haul. 
  • Hiring Based on Proven Methodology: We value talent with a track record of successful implementations in complex projects. These individuals bring best practices and innovative solutions that can accelerate project timelines and increase success rates. 
  • Ensuring Scalability: The talent we engage is not only adept at meeting current needs but also capable of adapting and growing as our company and its technology initiatives evolve. Our people have specific roles and are ready to work as soon as a project kicks off. If scope of work changes or new functionality is needed, resources can pivot.


Best Practices for Engaging Specialized Talent 
To maximize the benefits of specialized talent, we recommend: 

  • Focused Recruitment and Training: Develop targeted strategies to attract and nurture the right talent. We have specific recruitment processes in place, and we make sure to publish content and job postings that target the exact type of candidates we are looking for.  
  • Collaboration with Experts: Working with specialized firms like Next Level Solutions gives carriers access to a broader pool of skilled professionals. Our teams of analysts, developers, architects, and project managers do the heavy lifting for your implementation needs and IT solutions.  
  • Cultivating a Technology-Driven Culture: Encouraging an organizational culture that values technological innovation and continuous learning has been paramount to our thriving team. We offer continuous learning opportunities to all our employees so that they can stay on top of an ever-changing industry and keep up with technology that changes nearly every day.  

At Next Level Solutions, we understand that the key to successful technology-led initiatives lies in engaging the right talent. By focusing on professionals who are not just technically proficient but also strategically aligned and scalable, your company can overcome tech talent limitations and achieve significant advancements in efficiency and competitiveness. 

Let's Connect 
Are you facing tech talent challenges? Next Level Solutions can help. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can assist in achieving your technology goals by bringing in our team of powerhouses – accustomed to continually delivering exceptional work. 



Thomas Westhoff is the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Next Level Solutions. He has over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry and has worked with North America's largest carriers to deliver digital transformation initiatives.

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