NLS Promotes 35 Employees in One Month

Apr 13, 2022

NLS Promotes 35 Employees in One Month

SPRINGFIELD, MO: // Insurtech company, Next Level Solutions continues to grow and bring in new talent – while also upholding its mission to promote from within. In February 2022, NLS promoted an impressive 35 people to new positions. Employee retention and job advocacy are major focuses for the young company. “We have career paths mapped out for every position at NLS,” said Jon Richards, Director of Training and Development. “All employees at our company have a clear idea of what their next step and goals could be. We want our people to succeed, which means providing transparency and motivation.”

For the technology focused jobs, there are tracks set out that clearly show how to achieve the next career level and move into a higher role. In fact, an Analyst I at NLS can join the company without any prior experience. There is a vetting and testing process to determine each applicant's skillset and if their personality would be a fit for the company culture. An incoming Analyst has the opportunity to eventually become a Senior Developer or even an Architect – learning the necessary skills while they work on projects and with mentors. “The opportunity to learn and be promoted here is outstanding,” said Josh Mueller, a Senior Manager/Architect at NLS who started his career here as a Tech Lead. “I know exactly what I need to work on and do to move up here and to meet my goals. I’ve been supported every step of the way.”

About Next Level Solutions
Next Level Solutions is a software services company providing high end solutions to the Property and Casualty market with a focus on Duck Creek Technology implementations. By dealing extensively with the P&C market and Duck Creek, they help their clients harness the power of this platform, allowing improved market potential, enhanced performance, and streamlined day-to-day operations. Through their industry expertise, deep product knowledge, and implementation experience, they have quickly become the premier choice of P&C carriers to meet their technology needs. Next Level Solutions is committed to delivering custom solutions and supporting those solutions every step of the way. To learn more, visit

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“NLS is the most flexible employer I've ever had. I never feel pressured to miss everyday activities with my family. NLS trusts in their employees to get the work done, everyone has different challenges outside of work and we are all able to fit our work life in and still have balance. Additionally, NLS continually looks at strategies to increase morale, become more attractive to recruits and give back to the employees.”