Test Drive

NLS Test Drive

The NLS Test Drive is a technical interview, where over the course of two days (in two hour sessions), you'll be evaluated on your technical skill-set. This allows us to see where you might best fit on the technical/development track within our organization.  

This Test Drive is geared toward the entry-level/analyst type of candidate and our team will be there to walk you through the Test Drive and what's expected of you. If you think this is something you'd be interested in, please fill out the form to let us know that you'd like to attend!  A member of our recruiting team will then reach out with upcoming dates.

A formal interview typically follows these sessions.

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Quote 1

“NLS is the most flexible employer I've ever had. I never feel pressured to miss everyday activities with my family. NLS trusts in their employees to get the work done, everyone has different challenges outside of work and we are all able to fit our work life in and still have balance. Additionally, NLS continually looks at strategies to increase morale, become more attractive to recruits and give back to the employees.”