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Property & Casualty Insurance

Today's fast-paced insurance marketplace requires carriers to be more agile and innovative than ever before. By dealing exclusively with the P&C market, Next Level Solutions has the insight and industry expertise to deliver tailored solutions necessary to keep carriers competitive. Always adhering to best practices, we work with personal, commercial, and specialty P&C carriers, providing them with the ability to rapidly and easily process complex data and quickly react to market changes.

Business Process

The team at NLS has taken our years of experience with the software development lifecycle and created a methodology that we believe allows for the most efficient implementation model. Our knowledge of the business process led us to create our own Iterative Development Methodology. This approach allows for each requirement to proceed to development and testing as it is gathered. The Iterative Development Methodology at NLS creates unmatched value for our client’s by having a clearly defined process with proven success.

Architectural Design

Next Level Solution’s sole focus on the Duck Creek Suite of products gives us a thorough understanding of the proper design and usage of the Platform. Our team includes industry leading architects who have designed successful implementations across the full suite of product offerings. Let our experts ensure your project is successful from the start by creating the custom solution that best fits your business needs and makes the most efficient use of your Duck Creek investment.


If you are just beginning your insurtech journey with a new implementation, need assistance with a project that is not delivering the results you expected, or are converting your current system to the Duck Creek Platform, Next Level Solutions is equipped to meet the technology demands of P&C insurance carriers.

  • New Implementations - Starting from scratch? We’ve got you covered. Next Level Solutions has the deep product knowledge to tailor this robust technology to your specific needs. If you are ready to transform your business through innovative solutions, NLS has the resources to lead you through the process from start to finish and help you get to market quickly.
  • Rescue Missions - Current implementation in trouble? Next Level Solutions has become known as the trusted source to call on when current projects aren’t going as planned. NLS has extensive experience in taking a failing project and turning it into a successful implementation. Let us help you get your project back on track and to the Next Level.
  • Conversions – Put your mind at ease when tackling your software conversion with Next Level Solutions. We can take your current system to the Duck Creek Platform with a seamless customer experience. We are skilled in creating a plan that best suits your business needs, defining the scope of the project, developing and implementing those solutions and migrating data. This allows us to deliver modern scalable solutions for your technology needs.

Upgrades and Enhancements

Ready to roll out the latest upgrades or seek to add enhancements to your current product? Next Level Solutions has the skills and experience to keep your investment up to date and ahead of the game. Upgrades and enhancements with Next Level Solutions increase the functionality of your system without causing disruptions to your business performance.


Integrations are key in remaining innovative and competitive in the evolving P&C market. Whether you have the need for a third-party integration or require the Duck Creek Platform to work with current components of your system, Next Level Solutions has a team of engineers who are skilled at utilizing and developing APIs, creating custom solutions to your complex integration needs.


Quality Assurance should never be an afterthought in ANY software implementation. The earlier you can start structured Quality Assurance in the development lifecycle of your product, the better. Next Level Solutions offers a testing package that works alongside development to provide the highest level of quality on every project.


Call on the experienced team at NLS to analyze your current implementation and ensure the process is best utilizing the Duck Creek Platform. Our practiced resources are experts in the proper use of Duck Creek technologies. They will ensure the Platform is being used efficiently and effectively. After a thorough assessment of the current state of work is completed, NLS will recommend the best steps to get your project back on track and get you the most out of your Duck Creek investment.


We are proud to offer NLS Academy, a hands-on training package that is tailored to each client’s specific needs. Our training experts will work with your team to ensure that they have a thorough understanding of how your products work and how to be self-sufficient once your implementation is complete.

Support & Maintenance

Next Level Solutions post-production support allows for seamless updates to your live system. Once your implementation is complete, NLS can keep your products current in this ever-changing landscape without interrupting business flow.

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