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Next Level Solutions specializes in the full Duck Creek Product Suite to meet all of your implementation needs. We set the standard high with our transparent approach to business and our commitment to delivering the highest quality solutions. With a workforce that holds a combined total of 1800 years of experience, Next Level’s Duck Creek team members are experts in providing solutions and getting you the most out of your Duck Creek investment.

NLS provides Quality Assurance

QA as a Service

Next Level Solutions views Quality Assurance as a critical piece of any successful project - regardless of the system or vendor. Our philosophy is that Quality Assurance should be brought into the development lifecycle as early as possible. Our team establishes quality standards and implements the processes needed to ensure the end-product meets those standards. The results? A successful product release in which requirements are fulfilled and expectations are exceeded.

NLS offers Shared Services

Shared Services

Shared services encompasses a wide array of information technology and enterprise cloud infrastructure management. Simply put, NLS provides a centralized, full-service IT solution that plans, organizes, implements, and manages cloud infrastructure, IaC, Security, and CI/CD architecture. With cost in mind, we ensure the highest degree of effective daily workflows and overall operational performance. Contact us for a complete architectural analysis.

NLS Support and NLS LITE

For Carriers who have Duck Creek implementations in production. NLS Support and NLS LITE can keep things running smoothly, remove the lingering technical debt, triage and resolve production incidents, implement your backlog of enhancements, and much more. The solutions easily scale to meet your need - a few people to a few teams.

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