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Job description

The Duck Creek Policy Architect position will be responsible for overseeing and providing support to the development of custom applications based on the Duck Creek products and services. The use of Duck Creek proprietary tools coupled with industry common code management systems will be the majority of your day to day operations.  The Architect will be the face of NLS when it comes to client interaction.  An Architect’s solution and design concepts will be the foundation for the full implementation, which is developed by said Architect’s implementation team.

Required Skills:

Primary Skills:

  • Deep understanding of Duck Creek Policy Administration:  including all components (Author, Product Studio, Express, Server, User Admin, TransACT)
  • Ability to work with clients and team members to understand and interpret business requirements, evaluate those requirements via a technology solution, and present that solution back to both the business and IT teams.
  • Provide thought leadership which will help to drive the sign-off of a technology solution.  This should include requirements sign-off, design, staffing, and timelines
  • Assist the project team in the planning and design approaches such that the future capabilities meet the functional and technical strategies of the client.

Secondary Skills:

  • Duck Creek Skins
  • C# based custom business objects
  • Duck Creek API including Duck Anywhere
  • Data Insights and Agency Port


  • Minimum 8-10 years of industry experience
  • Minimum 8+ years of experience with Duck Creek product lines. Development experience in Duck Creek Toolsets (Author and Product Studio).
  • Thorough understanding of Duck Creek ManuScript components. Ability to understand business needs and translate them into ManuScript Inheritance structures, including design of technical components.
  • 3+ years of Duck Creek Solutioning experience.  Driving the blueprinting and requirements/design sessions to reach technical specifications.
  • Hands on experience in Example Author (Pages, Forms, Tables) and Example Debugging Tools (TraceMonitor, ExampleUtil (including TSV), Data Tester)
  • Experience with Duck Creek Integration using C# to Development of Custom Components
  • Hands on experience in Duck Creek Shredding including IDO
  • Experience in Duck Creek Skins: Ext JS/CSS/XSLT, Duck Creek Express platform
  • Hands on experience in XML language (or similar programming language)
  • Hands on experience in Duck Creek product versions
  • Experience with SQL Server, Stored procedures, Triggers, User defined Functions/ Types, Cursors and XQueries
  • Ability to work in a team environment which will include but is not limited to teaching and mentoring a development team on ALL aspects of the Duck Creek platform.
  • Full knowledge of software engineering life cycle including Agile environment

Soft Skills:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills are a must.  Accurate and detail oriented are preferred.
  • Extensive experience with a blended staffing model.
  • Highly motivated, team player, and self-starter
  • Can work independently and in a team environment.
  • Strong organizational, prioritization, and time management skills.
  • Take ownership of customer issues and see through the resolution.

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Company Culture

Next Level Solutions has built its business on a solid foundation that reflects the goals and values of our company culture. Our shared belief in maintaining complete openness and transparency with our customers drives our day-to-day operations and is the cornerstone of our consistent communication throughout the evaluation and implementation process.

A rising tide lifts all boats. We pride ourselves on creating a culture of shared knowledge within our organization, where success is a team accomplishment. This is one of the ways we attract the most qualified Duck Creek talent in the industry. Coupled with the best training and mentoring of new resources, our goal is to be the premier place to work for those passionate about providing value through the Duck Creek platform. The result? Our clients benefit from unrivaled talent and an industry-leading value.