NLS BriteCore Services
Premier BriteCore Software Implementer
Accelerate Premium Growth
Drive growth for your organization by customizing and supporting your BriteCore platform. Our experienced team of BriteCore Analysts specialize in configuring the platform for quoting, rating, and new products.
Get the Competitive Edge
Understand and assess organizational needs. Configure and adapt BriteCore integrations to assist in gaining a competitive edge by utilizing risk modeling and data analysis tools.
Efficiency You Need
Develop custom solutions, tools, and products to integrate your in-house solutions or other insurtech tools with BriteCore. Save time and clicks by unifying products.
Headspace You Deserve
Streamline productivity of your platform and IT system by leveraging our subject matter experts. As the liaison between your company and BriteCore, we will analyze and deliver critical information that will reduce downtime and increase resolution efficiency.
Go Live With Confidence
Testing done by industry-leading QA analysts will ensure your changes are verified and approved. Additional customer training allows for better UAT and full utilization of your BriteCore platform.
Your Data, Your Brand
Customize reports to get the data you need to take your business to the Next Level. Create and modify documents that provide the precise statements and streamlined visibility your customers desire.
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