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Today’s business technology is managed on a global scale. While this gives U.S. based businesses access to a larger talent pool, working with off-shore developers isn’t without challenges. As the only on-shore Duck Creek based certified consultant, with near-shore resources in Puerto Rico, Next Level Solutions is in the unique position to deliver all the benefits of U.S. based service with a value that’s comparable to off-shore providers. 

Why Puerto Rico? 

Puerto Rico is home to several notable technical institutions, which gives Next Level Solutions access to a large pool of multilingual talent, while maintaining close contact with the U.S. market. Not only is Puerto Rico within the East Coast Time Zone, but as a U.S. territory, our team is free to travel to the USA without a passport or visa. 

Our Process 

By recruiting and maintaining a highly skilled development team, Next Level Solutions provides clients with a streamlined process, where transparency and communication are paramount. 

Phase 1

We will work with your team to understand your challenges and define your needs, so we can develop the most effective solutions.

Phase 2

Working from the blueprint, we produce a full solution plan with staffing, estimates, and timeline/approach.

Phase 3

By cultivating an experienced talent pool, with staff at the ready, we can quickly recruit and train the right personnel for your project, as well as incentivize and reward their successes.

Phase 4

We continuously manage our resources to meet changing needs of complex implementations

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